With the beginning of the basketball season 2000/01 the group has begin their 7 years long cooperation with Basketball Club Partizan. From the first season Dance Plus has been their exclusive dance team at the matches of Euroleague, as well as in matches of Adriatic league and the National championship.
From the very first time of their appearance at the basketball courts, they were noticed as something special and extraordinary in comparison to other dance teams. Originality, quality and magnificence of the Dance Plus performances were the best recommendations for other sport events. Very soon the Dance Plus team has become the official dance squad of the National basketball team in 2001, and performed during the matches played in our country.
Dance Plus team also performed (as the only one team) at the pre-Olimpic basketball tournament Diamond Ball which has held in the Belgrade Arena from 31st July till 8th August, in 2004. Dance Plus has also presented their program at the final matches of European Championship (for juniors) in July 2005 in Belgrade, as well as in European Championship in September, in Belgrade. .
The group has become an integral part of other sport events, such as All star matches, handball and volleyball tournaments, opening ceremonies… This group regularly cooperated with other basketball clubs, with Mega Aqua Mont, at the first place.
Dynamic and original program, diversity of choreographies and very attractive dancers are the unique etiquette of the Dance Plus.
There are more reasons why their fans and audience respect Dance Plus as the very exceptional group - the repertoire of the team includes around 50 dancing compositions involving up to 25 different costumes and a lot of accessories (cylinders, sticks, flags, gymnastic ribbons, circle-hoops, shawls, basket balls), followed by various kinds of music, from very fresh hits to well-known evergreens.