All the groups in the Studio have school concerts two times during one season (in December and June). Beside that, the most of the groups participate in a various and numerous programs, concerts, festivals and promotions. Pre-school  and school groups are participated in TV shows for kids, as well as in other events for children, such as: Musical Toboggan, Children of the Belgrade Spring, Children Theatre Festival, even kids musicals, etc.
Dance Plus and some other groups of adults are participated in TV shows, events, festivals and concerts for adults. When they started with the shows and events for adults they already have a huge dance experience with more than a hundred hours of TV shows and other programs. As a result of all that they performed on the festival Sun Stairs (for adults) in Herceg Novi and the International  Mediterranean Song Festival in Budva.
Such activities were followed by the other festivals in the country: Mesam, Belgrade Spring, Festival in Banja Luka, Zrenjanin, Beovizija., etc. Thel group also performed in a lot of the TV shows, various kinds of music and entertainment  programs. The most of them were at the National television and National music producing firm (PGP). "Dance plus" also performed at the numerous events: promotions, fashion shows, car fairs, and at a lot of others.
The dance Plus girls performed at the Zdravko Colic’s tournament "Carolija" started with concert in Podgorica for a New Year’s party 2006.