The most notable performances Plus Dance Group in the field of promotion, fashion events, trade shows and business presentations are linked specifically to the most prestigious brands and their manifestations in the country:
Mercedes-Benz, Oriflame, ‘'Pantene Beauty Awards'`, annual award Business Partner, Brand Fair, the promotion of the new car models (Mercedes-Benz), Hair Fair, Car Fair (one of the girls from the group was proclaimed as the most attractive at the Fair).
TV campaign and presentation of the equipment for fitness and recreation Bioclinica, promotion of the Sinalco brand (carbonated drink) together with the "Game Spirit" campaign, promotion of Gorki list-Pelinkovac.
Dancers also took part in many advertising campaigns for various products, like hair collection North Chemy International, sports equipment Dada, Ardo -household appliances. Furthermore, Dance Plus performed at the business presentations and celebrations such as Hewlett Packard, Reiffeisen Leasing, Telefonija, Hypo Alpe Adria bank, Pantene, Oriflame, Messer, Keune, Slavic Beauty, Vranac... The Commercial night started with the Dance Plus performance.
Beside that, other groups from Dance Plus Studio, specially kids groups, also perform in lot of events and promotions. The audience was able to see the part of their program on  Charity Bazaar, than  Sport Fest on Ada Ciganlija,  kids day in Beo Zoo, in concert on the occasion of Day of Planet of Earth, as well as in promotion of company ’’Flory’’.
Children groups have also performed on promotions for Disney films: "Hercules", "01 dalmatins", "Hunchback of Notre Dame", "Narnia".