Mrs. Olja Matkovic established the School of modern and jazz dance in 1991as one of the first school of this kind in Belgrade. This school is set both for professionals and for amateurs who want to attend jazz dance classes, as the most popular kind of dance in the world. Organization in the Studio is similar to other schools for jazz dance in the Europe.
After she had graduated  the Ballet school she went to London (LCDS) where she attended modern dance. Besides, she had been practicing jazz dance and ballet with the best teachers at school. After that she applied for the RAD exam in modern and jazz dance. In 1986. she came  to  Belgrade  and  joined the  professional  JAZZ troupe which was led by Mare Sesartic, a choreographer.  Most famous ballerina Jovanka Bjegojevic was teaching ballet in the troupe. Olja became the soloist of the troupe very soon. She performed with the troupe in Belgrade, Zagreb, Split and in some other towns.
Besides, she joined  the MIMART troupe in 1990, the first professional troupe which had been working in the theatre of movement, with Nela Antonovic as the choreographer. Olja was dancing with this troupe for two years and  had a performance with them in Belgrade, at the theatre festival in Budva and in Moscow. After the jazz troupe choreographers had advised her to teach, she started teaching at the School of modern and jazz dance in 1991. Than she left the troupe, but stayed with the theatre of movement until 1992. From 1993 she started showing her choreographic work to television and theatre audience. At first the shows were meant only for children and later for adults.
In 1996 she went to London (LCSD) in order to specialize in choreography of modern and jazz dance where she worked with the famous choreographers: Anthony Dawson (a ballet professor at the  English  National  Ballet  School),  Robert North (a contemporary artistic director of the Ballet Theatre Rambert), Derek Williams (artistic director of jazz and show dance at  the Theatre in Leeds) and Richard Amaro (a jazz dancer and one of the Michael Jackson’s choreographers.)
As soon as she had returned to Belgrade she continued with the school work and with the work at the theatre for children. Since 2000. year with "Dance plus" she started to work on sports events, achieving important success, and the squad (already in 2004) was proclaimed as one of the top ten in Europe. Her choreographic work expanding with the participation in the lot of business promotion and marketing campaigns while working for the most prestigious companies in the region.
Upon the request of the director Slobodanka Aleksic and the scenarist Branislav Milicevic, In 1994. Olja began with her choreographic work at the most famous theatre for children, "Pozoristance Puz". She performed in " The Little Red Riding Hood"(1994), "Little Bear and Kids"(1995), "Golden Fish"(1998),"Sleaping beauty (2001)..."The Cat in the boots"(2002). ``Friendship kingdom`` (2011)...