DANCE PLUS STUDIO is consists of 10 groups, over 150 dancers, (age from 5 to 26) who are divided into the groups according their age and level of knowledge. Those are: three pre-school groups (4-6), five groups of the girls in school ages (7-13), two groups of teenagers, Junior Team and professional group – Dance Plus. Except to their ages, dancers are also divided into groups according their level of knowledge, so there are: preparation groups, beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional level. There is only one professional group in the Studio (Dance Plus) and that group is consisted of the girls with more than ten years of dance experience. At the same time, this group is one of Top 10 show-dance teams in Europe and it is recognized by its originality, attractive, dynamic and colorful choreographies, excellent synchronization, high level of a dance technique and a specific dance style.

Mrs. Olja Matkovic, an international educated choreographer, with many years of experience in modern and jazz dance, is the leader of the team.

DANCE PLUS is founded  in 1991. During the last years, the group has become well-known as it performed at the number of events: TV shows, music festivals, concerts, fashion events, business presentations, advertising campaigns, sport events…